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Ron “Ronoo” Monsour

Ron “Ronoo” Monsour is a native of New Orleans who has achieved much while remaining in his home town.  A graduate of the University of New Orleans, Ronoo went on to become a successful fighter pilot in the Air National Guard, instructor pilot, airline pilot, and, now, a principle in OPES Solutions Group Coaching.  

Ronoo started his flying career in the Strategic Air Command as an Aircraft Commander in the KC-135 and was responsible for global support operations. He later became a T-38 Instructor Pilot where he was the Operations Group Commander in which he was responsible for overseeing the training of pilots becoming instructor pilots from the US and abroad. As an F-15 Pilot, he supported numerous No-Fly zone missions in Iraq. He was one of the few F-15 pilots who were dual qualified in the C-130 in which he flew numerous Humanitarian missions in Honduras, evacuation missions after Hurricane Rita (saving over 250 lives), and Humanitarian missions after the Haiti earthquake.  During Hurricane Katrina, he served as a first responder on the ground securing the chaotic environment of the flooded city.  

During this timeframe, Ronoo was furthering his professional development as an American Airlines line pilot, instructor, and FAA Check airman.  Due to his negotiation and problem solving skills, he was also selected to lead international efforts to improve jet routes, and arrival/departure procedures at foreign destinations that resulted in safer operations and savings of millions of dollars in fuel costs.  For his combined efforts, Ronoo was recognized as American Airlines’ “2009 Outstanding Operations Employee.”

In 2009, he joined a performance company that applied best safety and efficiency practices from the military aviation to the oil and gas industry. Moving up the leadership ladder quickly, Ronoo’s safety division lead the charge developing checklists, cultural surveys, SEMS audits, and preventative programs designed to improve safety practices for companies and the industry alike.

This focus on safety and efficiency led him to create his own organization, OPES Solutions Group.